Stmackenzies Dolly Kray FULL Video SET RIP wmv

Stmackenzies Dolly Kray  FULL Video SET RIP wmv Siterip
Dolly & Helen have been sent out of their netball class for picking on another student and sent to see Headmistress. As they wait outside her office they are still wearing their sexy little netball kits. They start to bicker as they blame each other for being in trouble again and it soon turns into pushing and as it heats up they start to wrestle each other as they grow frustrated with one blaming the other. As they roll around wrestling on the floor they pull off their own & each other’s clothes, pinning, pulling hair and Helen even getting Dolly in a head lock. Soon they are both in just their sports bras & thongs and as they grapple some more it is not long before they start to lose those too! Now with Dolly naked and Helen in her thong they take a break, maybe it would be better if they just made friends instead before facing Headmistress?!
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