Clips4Sale Tied Gagged Struggling #DAMSELINDISTRESS SirsGoodGirl Mobile Store Siterip Video wmv+mp4

Clips4Sale Tied Gagged Struggling #DAMSELINDISTRESS  SirsGoodGirl Mobile Store  Siterip Video wmv+mp4 Siterip RIP
Lots of close up action of a big fat woman secured and struggling.I had been relaxing reading a book wearing only my bra and panties.Sir had let Himself into the house and found me laid on a couch.He quickly set up two cameras then produced some rope.Another short film Bra Panties Struggling has been made from this content, but I have edited it so it looks like a different film. If you like this one then you will love the other.In this film you will be able to see Him secure me with the rope and gag me for being cheeky.He told me to continue reading my book, but all I wanted to do was escape from the rope as I like the challenge of getting free. I have in the past made the mistake of thinking I could get free without realising he had not secured me to keep me there, but had purposely allowed me to think I was able to escape.This time I had to cry for help and by the end was feeling vulnerable and helpless and the tears were starting to flow.I was tickled on my feet as I tried to get free and the screams are quite loud and uncontrollable.He also tickled my fat belly as I was secured and wriggling on the floor.As the time went on he also pulled my bra and panties down to add to my humiliation of not being able to get free.When he helped me back onto the lounger I thought he was going to untie me, much to my surprise he had other ideas.Yes it was very painful as he connected the pegs to my boobs, it was even more so when he pulled on the string to yank them off me.I hope you enjoy watching this film of me struggling to cope with the things that happened.All of my films are available in my Members Area where you can watch all of my films for a month for a very reasonable fee.
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