Stmackenzies Jasmine Fraser FULL Video SET RIP wmv

Stmackenzies Jasmine Fraser  FULL Video SET RIP wmv Siterip
Jasmine has been left alone in class to study. As she reads quietly at her desk she can feel her feet are aching a little and she reaches down and slips off her shoes and socks so she can rub her feet. As she slowly massages her soles it feels nice, and even though she knows she shouldn’t she cannot stop herself from starting to slip off more of her uniform. As she slowly undresses she keeps playing with her feet, and soon she is sitting up on teacher’s desk in just her lingerie with her legs out stretched, wiggling and spreading her toes. Jasmine is still reading her book, after all she takes her studies very seriously, but she cannot ignore the urge to slip off her lingerie too. Now she is left completely naked, still sitting on the desk, with her legs spread but her feet together, rubbing her bare soles against each other!
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