Stmackenzies Becky Perry FULL Video SET RIP wmv

Stmackenzies Becky Perry  FULL Video SET RIP wmv Siterip
Becky is studying in the library; even though she has now been promoted to Prefect she still studies like a geek! As she reads Lauren comes to find her and tells her she is a due a break from studying. As the girls chat the realise they are wearing the same pantyhose, natural with a black leopard print seam running all the way up the back of their legs. They both discuss just how sexy and comfortable the pantyhose are and they start to caress their own and each other’s legs. As they stroke the nylons they feel warm and sexy and start to slip off their uniforms, playing with the pantyhose as they do, rubbing their long legs together. Soon they are both in nothing but their pantyhose & thongs and as they slips both items off they slip their hands into the nylons and run them all over their naked bodies.
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